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"I would recommend this program for high school students in such classes as astronomy or advanced physics. This program could be used as a visual aid for lower leveled science, however I believe that in order to actually comprehend this program, students should have some background in the forces at work. A general physics course wouldn't really delve into astrophysics as much as a higher level physics course such as AP Physics. This program is perfect for mid year astronomy students though.

"This program meets the NSES science and technology content standard E, and will facilitate further the development of content standard D by allowing students to see how the galaxies in the universe came to be what we know them to be. Additionally, the resource meets NJSES standards 5.7 A and B and 5.9 A, B, C, and D.

"The cost of the resource is free, as software for both Windows and Macintosh are freely downloadable and can be installed on an unlimited number of machines.

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