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Flash Animations

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TitleFlash Animations
CreatorNone listed
ContributorNone listed
DescriptionThis collections of Flash animations accompanies Chang's Essential Chemistry, 2/e, but is publically available. These animations are interactive and have voice-overs, thereby providing a multimedia presentation of basic chemical concepts.
FormatNone listed
SubjectPhysics, Computational Science, Biology, Chemistry, Meteorology, Medicine, Hydrology, Geology and Geophysics, Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Science
KeywordProperties of Gases, vapor pressure, line spectra, hybridization, cubic close packing, Radioactive Decay, Orientation of Collision, Le Chatelier's Principle, Galvanic Cell, Cubic Packing, Buffers, Body Centered Cubic Packing, Atomic Radii, Activation Energy, Acid Ionization
Education LevelHigher Education
TypeInstructional Material

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