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Parallel Traveling Salesman Problem

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TitleParallel Traveling Salesman Problem
CreatorDavid Joiner, Jonathan Hassinger
ContributorNone listed
PublisherNone listed
DescriptionThe traveling salesman problem is a classic optimization problem in which one seeks to minimize the path taken by a salesman in traveling between N cities, where the salesman stops at each city one and only one time, never retracing his/her route. This implementation is designed to run on UNIX systems with X-Windows, and includes parallelization using MPI.
FormatNone listed
SubjectComputational Science, Mathematics
KeywordNone listed
AudienceEducator, Learner/Student
Education LevelHigher Education, High School, Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 10, Graduate/Professional
TypeSoftware, Instructional Material

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