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Math and Physics Applets

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3 Published Reviews

VerificationReview by CSERD Reviewer
Published / Modified 198 months 7 days ago
Documentation Review: The material I choose to evaluate (the 2d wave applet) is fairly self-explanatory. It could use a bit more explanation for people not familiar with the experiments being depicted in the applet. Problem(s) annotations: I thought over all for someone who knows exactly what these experiments are, it is fine however for someone looking at the material for the first time this particular applet may be a bit overwhelming. The description that comes with the applet is very helpful though.
Usability of the resource: Usable
Browser(s) tested: explorer, firefox

ValidationReview by CSERD Reviewer
Published / Modified 198 months 7 days ago
Test Case(s): I found that it was visually reliable. Being that this tool would be mainly used as visualization exercise, I would say this tool passes the test. The testes I conducted were mainly based off of results found by experiments conducted with diffraction gratings. I also found that the single and double slit experiments matched up with the expected results found through numerous experiments conducted throughout the years. These wave applets match up with the findings of most early physicists studying the duality of light. Those experiments are what I base my conclusion off of. Problem(s) annotations: The only problem I can find seems to come from creating a linear source set to pulsate. It doesn't seem to pulsate. Recommendations: I suggest that after that particular problem is addressed, the applet will be perfect.
Usability of the resource: Very usable

AccreditationReview by CSERD Reviewer
Published / Modified 198 months 7 days ago
Problem(s) annotations: I wouldn't recomend this for students who were unaware of exactly what they were looking at. This would be a poor tool for teaching a subject, but an excellent tool for visualizing already learned material. Recommendations: This applet could aid teachers looking to fulfill teaching standards C1, C3, D2, and D4 as set out by the NSES.
Usability of the resource: Usable
Recommended subject areas: Acoustics, Chemistry, Science and Technology Policy
Recommended audience: Learner
Recommended education level: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, High School

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