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    Experimenting with the Model:

    There are a variety of experiments that you can do with this model. Some possibilities:

    1. Experiment with various flows to the northern hemisphere. What happens if the North increases its amount of emissions? What happens if, in Year 10, a large natural gas mine explodes, emitting an additional 2.35 x 1010 molecules of ethane into the Northern hemisphere? Does the system come back into steady-state? If so, how long does it take?
    2. Suppose we still have the same amount of emissions: 1.2 x 1011 molecules per year, but only 80% of that comes from the Northern Hemisphere (the other 20% from the Southern Hemisphere). What is the influence of that change on the time until steady-state? How does that affect the system as a whole?
    3. Where does most of the ethane go? Between hemispheres? Deposited as wet deposition? Use the graphical output and/or data table to get a sense of where the ethane is going.

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