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Cardiac Arrest : Sudden stopping of circulation by cessation of the heartbeat.

Cardiovascular : Relating to the heart and blood vessels.

Cardiovascular disease : Generic term that covers a wide range of vascular and heart-related diseases and disorders.

Cholesterol : A substance found in animal-based foods and manufactured by the liver. It is an essential building block for healthy nerves, cells, and the production of some hormones, but high levels carry the risk of atherosclerosis.

Cholesteryl Ester Synthetase : Independent of coenzyme; dependent on bile salts.

Chylomicrons : Particles that transport dietary fat and cholesterol to muscles and tissue.

Coronary arteries : Arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle itself.

Coronary artery disease : A chronic disorder usually associated with partial or complete blockages, or occlusions, in the circulatory system.

Diastole : Period during the heart cycle in which the muscle relaxes, followed by contraction (systole). In a blood pressure reading, the lower number is the diastolic measurement.

Diastolic pressure : The lowest blood pressure reached during the relaxation of your heart. Recorded as the second number in a blood pressure measurement.

Epidemiology : The study of disease trends in a defined human population.

Elimination : The act of expulsion or of extrusion, especially of drug expulsion from the body.

Endothelium : Protective cells lining the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and the heart.

Fatty acids : Substances essential for growth in limited amounts but not produced by the body.

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