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DISCLAIMER! The Flucytosine model available through this Web page is NOT to be used for clinical, medical, regulatory, research, leagal, or scientific purposes. It is inteded SOLELY as an educational tool.

Simulation Values:

Dose per tablet (in milligrams) Normal adult dosage is 150mg/kg/day.
Number of days to take antibiotics: Normal length of treatment is something days
Weight of patient, in pounds Used to calculate the amount of drug in the body
Therapeutic concentration, in units per mL Therapeutic level for most infections is between 0.05 and 0.08 else.
Toxic concentration, in units per mL Toxic level for most people is around 0.1.
Amount of renal failure, percentage Used to determine total filtration of kidneys
Value of dt Intervals the results are calculated it

Unit Conversion Calculator

Frequency: number of tablets per day
Once Four
Twice Six
Three Eight

Plotting Options

Minimum value for x axis: Maximum value for x axis:
Minimum value for y axis: Maximum value for y axis:

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Extensions: Please go to this page to see some possible scenarios.

NOTE! Model complexity, simulation time, and system load can affect performance time. Please be patient!

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