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Virginia Standards of Learning
8th Grade
Probability and Statistics:
8.12 The student will make comparisons, predictions, and inferences, using information displayed in frequency distributions; box-and-whisker plots; scattergrams; line, bar, circle, and picture graphs; and histograms.
Lesson  (...)
Lesson: Students discover algorithms as they sort shapes into Venn diagrams. Then students compare the efficiency of their algorithms using box plots.

Lesson: Students learn what bar graphs are used for, how to interpret the data presented, and how to organize their own data using bar graphs.

Lesson: Introduces students to quartiles and box plots.

Lesson: Introduction and fine points of using bar graphs and histograms.

Lesson: Introduces statistical measures of center.

Activity  (...)
Activity: Enter data to create a bar graph, then change many settings for the graph's appearance.

Activity: Enter your own data categories and the value of each category to create a pie chart. There are also built in data sets which can be viewed.

Activity: Create a pie chart, adjusting the size of the divisions using your mouse or by entering values. Parameters: Number of sections, size of sections, whether to use percents or fractions.

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