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BRL: Braille through Remote Learning
BRL -- Braille through Remote Learning -- is an online instructional program that provides teachers, parents, social workers, and current/future braille transcribers with a series of three integrated online courses in braille and braille transcribing.
Directory Location: BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

ChemViz Curriculum Support Resources
A collaborative environment for ChemViz, an interactive chemistry program which uses computer simulations and visualization tools to help instructors with teaching chemistry and students with learning.
Directory Location: ChemViz Curriculum Support Resources

The home page for a Computational Science Education Reference Desk which catalogs computational science resources, creates original activities, and contains a forum for review of this material.
Directory Location: CSERD

Interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics.
Directory Location: Interactivate

Interactive tools and simulation environments that enable and encourage exploration and discovery through observation, conjecture, and modeling activities.
Directory Location: MASTER Tools

OS 411: Computational Atmospheric Sciences
The OS411 series consists of six courses presented as an interactive learning opportunity for professionals who wish to develop a solid foundation in the technologies, techniques, and tools of air quality modeling and the use of computational science in air quality analyses.
Directory Location: OS 411: Computational Atmospheric Sciences

A supplemental science education program for local middle and high school aged students. SUCCEED stands for "Stimulating Understanding of Computational Science through Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment, and Discovery."
Directory Location: Project SUCCEED

A collection of computational science resources created for a hearing impaired audience.
Directory Location: SUCCEED-HI

UNC-Chapel Hill Fundamentals Program
An interactive educational exercise designed for anyone who wants an introduction or review of the fundamentals of chemistry that will be used in freshman level chemistry classes.
Directory Location: UNC-Chapel Hill Fundamentals Program

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