iphone 2016
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The workshop began with the continuation of the hangman project in X-Code. The workshop students started out with opening their computers and continuing the planning they had started in their notebooks. Most students then finished their coding in X-Code using objective C, and started debugging. The students ran basic programs in their simulations to then add more to create the hangman program. Most students faced issues. This required debugging from not only students, but the interns as well. The students have gone through a design phase in which they went through their simulations to organize their app. Students did their best when going through the coding and debugging phase to figure out the problems within their code. They got help from interns in times of struggle. Students were coached through how to make the hangman app and how to use an array to search for certain letters. Students were encouraged to use their skills of designing, planning, coding, and debugging in their app creation process. They were creating an iPhone app that reflects the professionalism of both the students and apps. Strings, functions, and arrays were used by students to create the app. Images were loaded into X-Code to create visuals for the hangman itself. When a person got a letter wrong, the picture would present itself. Students used labels to create the locations for the word and a location for the picture of the hangman. Most students were able to get a base simulation running where the app would load and show the dashes and labels, as well as a text box for inserting letters.