iphone 2016
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The workshop started off with students working vigorously on a version of an app known as mole mash. Mole mash was a game that utilized concepts they had learned on previous days of the iPhone workshop. Some of the concepts they used in the creation of the Mole Mash application were labels, text fields, and buttons. They were also briefed on the idea of the relationship between and object and a string. In the latter half of the workshop before break, the workshop students were assigned a small project to create an application that had the following requirements: 3 text fields, a label, and a button. Along with these requirements, upon the press of a button, the text fields must be combined and the label printed. This was an extrapolation of a greater idea known as extraction. After break, the workshop students learned about conditionals with Aaron. Aaron lectured the workshop students about truth tables. Truth tables are used for creating and verifying logic within conditions and conditionals. Keith furthermore connected what the students learned on the previous day of the workshop about Booleans. He also furthered the workshop students understanding of functions and how they can be used by showing them an example of how Booleans and functions can be used in conjunction. Afterwards, Keith further lectured the workshop students. This time they lectured on loops. During the lecture he explained the short handing of loops, their usage, and their importance in programming. Lastly, the students did their reflections.