iphone 2016
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Today was the final day of the iPhone workshop. The students worked vigorously to complete the project that was the culmination of the skills they had learned throughout the week. All of these skills were used towards the hangman project. This project was designed with the goal in mind that the workshop students worked independently with sparse input from the workshop leaders Aaron, Kaleb, and Keith. Throughout the day, as the workshop students created their game, hangman, their understanding of computing grew tremendously. Throughout the day, the workshop students showed signs of being able to take these skills and do something impactful with them. This was something they have been working on all week. A lot of them seemed excited to be able to finally put the skills they learned to the test. Some common issues the workshop students ran into were taking the inputs and then displaying them. They also had some trouble taking user inputs and then using them within the game. Overall the experience for the students seemed to be a positive one. All of the students successfully created their hangman app. The skills they learned this week will benefit them exponentially in their very near future.