modeling 2015
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The students of Shodor’s workshop titled “Model Your World” learned about the answer for the question “What is iQuery?”

To begin the workshop, the students had a graduated Shodor apprentice teach them about recursion. Miguel de Los Reyes spoke to them about recursion, loops, and their differences with iteration. He demonstrated models like a factorial and a programmed snowflake to help the students see the possible outcomes of a program involving these new terms. He also worked with them to program a simple form of recursion. He then passed the students’ attention to Phil List to continue the workshop.

With Phil List, the workshop students first learned about jQuery and the libraries available to them within it. They discussed the terms and language of jQuery along with its functions. Phil demonstrated the different functions, when they would be called, and what they would do. Having this new knowledge, the students began a small project on a website named jsfiddle. With the company and help of Phil, the learners programmed a model that allowed them to add new Agents/ list items to specific Agent lists from existing jQuery libraries. Their creation included a “create a new agent” function and “remove an existing agent” function. They experimented different ways to program their desired result but decided to use built-in iQuery functions using conditional tests with user inputs.

The students of the workshop finished with a knowledge base of iQuery language, recursion, functions, and modeling. They are ready to go out and begin to model their world.