modeling 2015
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In the workshop Modeling Your World, the workshop students built a working agent based model by the end of the class. First, Levi instructed the workshop students to continue writing their HLD (‘story’) so that they have a comprehensive plan before they actually start programming the model. He checked for a proper HLD for each student -- written description should be concise but detailed enough; anyone who reads it should be able to tell the attributes of each agents, process of interaction between the agents, and the overall purpose of the HLD without looking at the actual model. After the students finished writing the HLD, Levi looked over each one and checked if they were specific enough. After Levi approved each student’s HLD, they began to program their HLD in AgentCubes online. They were given the rest of the day to finish the project, and Levi and I helped those who were stuck on the process. Every student finished in time and spent time improving their model or helping others.