modeling 2015
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In today’s workshop, students learned about AgentSheets. At first they looked at examples and played around with it, and they also learned about the counter. Afterwards, students listed examples of possible scenarios to be built into models. In the end students voted and the Bees Making Honey scenario won out. The instructor listed out all the steps and requirements before any computers were opened. Connections and analogies were also made. Agents are like nouns, actions are like verbs, and depictions are like adjectives.

The instructor led the process step by step, while shoulder surfers helped students with individual problems. Methods were made, rules were duplicated and new depictions were added. Throughout the process, problems were discussed and as a group they made improvements to the model. Students also learn the importance of details, and how every small thing (arrow directions, capitalized letters etc.) can count. At the end, everybody’s model should be working.