modeling 2014
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Students had worked on their AgentSheets models this week. During the afternoon, they first focused on using Ristretto. Ristretto is necessary to export their model in JavaScript and make it available on their websites.

They also made a file called Readme.html on TextWrangler, a text-editing tool. This file would also be present on their website, and would give some background information on their model. The file would include the basis of their story, story features, and user controls. However, they encountered some slight issues regarding the Ristretto, and were not able to use it. Afterwards, they presented their projects. Ms. Mcauley also highlighted the essentials of their presentation. This included: Information about their model, their purpose, their observations, their biggest obstacles, and the additional features on their simulation.

There were many different models. One model was a post-apocalypse world with humans and zombies. Another workshop student completed an AgentSheets model of a soccer game, where there were user controls that would control the game (i.e. to kick, for individual players to move, etc). Another was an AgentSheets version of Pacman, complete with ghosts, and a maze. Finally, there was also a Cops and Robbers model.