modeling 2014
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Today in the workshop the students went over how to create an AgentSheets model. As an example on how to create a model, Levi showed them the Spread and Disease model. Using that model, the students learned about how they should plan on want they want in the model by making a story for the model before that start to make it.

The students decided to create an agent sheets model of cats and mice, and they started by making a story for the model. Then they found all the nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the story and used those to create the agents and their depictions. They also learned how to make multiple depictions for one agent. After they made their agents, they created the agents behaviors and Levi went over how the order of the rules or conditions in a behavior is important in AgentSheets because it determines which rule will be used first. The students learned how to use a variety of the conditions and actions, and they learned their functions. Then they made a worksheet and used an agent that they made as the world and allowed all the other agents to move randomly on it.

They made rules for some of the agents that will make more of a certain agent or die if the agent has been in the world for a certain amount of time. They also made a user-controlled wolf that allows the user to take control of it using arrow keys or any other button that was defined in the rule. Then they learned how to create a counter agent to count the total amount of cats and mice in the world. They created the counter agent by making global variables for each agent and had the counter broadcast to the other agents to execute a method where the agents would add 1 to their global variable. Levi also went over how to import an image into AgentSheets to create an agents depiction.