ssp 2013
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Today, the SSP class explored Agentsheets, a 2D agent based simulation tool. Dr. Panoff taught the class the basics of Agentsheets, creating and editing agents and using the behaviors and action commands. After exploring the use of "if" and "then" statements in AgentSheets, students created a simple disease model. As a class, they started the model and defined the blue agents as healthy and the sick agents as red. Each agent was programmed with different behaviors to "get sick" or "get healed" when they visited the hospital. Later, Dr. Panoff gave students time to explore the model themselves to add or change features. He then discussed how students could further the simple disease model by adding a doctor agent. The students thought of other simulation models that could be created using Agentsheets from Vensim. To end the morning class, Dr. Panoff gave the students a closing math brainteaser to discover how a camel can carry bananas across a desert with different stipulations. Within the afternoon session, students began creating part one of their projects for the week. The project guidelines were to create a Vensim and Agentsheets model that described an in-depth dynamic problem similar to the "Rabbits and Wolves" model.