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On Tuesday morning, the instructor, Dr. Panoff, began the class with a brief overview of the previous day exploring How Do You Know and asking questions. He continued by going though the ideas of Expectation, Observation, and Reflection. The students grasped the concept that what you expect is not always what you observe and how to reflect on what you do and do not see. He then showed them the basics of Excel, a useful data analysis tool that helps you track and visualize your data. Students worked on some pre-made excel models such as flipping a coin and rolling the dice, which demonstrate the use of excel as a probability and random number generator. They also worked with the diffusion model, which illustrates iteration and heat movement. Levi assisted to answer questions and help solve problems. After excel, the students progressed onto Vensim, a systems based simulation tool that allows users to study real life dynamics and explore advanced algorithms. The Shodor Scholars (SSP) students created a story and Dr. Panoff brought them through the process of creating their very own Rabbits and Wolves model. The popular model, rabbits and wolves, demonstrates how nature keeps its balance through the food chain. Apprentice's shoulder surfed briefly, and monitored the student break. In the afternoon session, Levi Diala led the class and the students continued to work on their Vensim models, and modeling tools that were downloaded from NCSI.