ssp 2013
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Today, the workshop students were given a small packet to plan for their final presentations on Friday. Dr. Panoff explained that first students will explain their group and what task each member had, as well as what type of project they chose and why. The finished products to each group project would have multiple layers and worksheets. The instructor explained to the class that their webpage's should help describe their project in detail. Each description should be understandable for someone unfamiliar with Shodor and it's applets to comprehend. The rest of the project guidelines should be displayed after the introduction, all of the information about the model should be shown including: the runs, results, and ramifications, or consequences. After those sections, students are to mention the extensions, conclusions, and questions. Dr. Panoff expressed to the students to dress business casual, and understand the importance of being serious when giving presentations. He taught them perception and the trick to use when giving presentations.

The groups then continued to work on their projects using Vensim, Agentsheets, and Web Designing. During the afternoon, once every team had somewhat finished their projects, Dr.Panoff demonstrated how to convert both their agentsheets and vensim models to java applets. Dr.Panoff then walked through Cyberduck, a file sharing application, showing how any person can use it to look at models. The students then logged into cyberduck using SFTP to share their models.