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Today Ron Broadnax talked to students about office ethics, guidelines for behavior at work, and communication. He highlighted the importance of giving full attention to your clients and being open to asking your manager questions. Cameron helped touch on issues such as one's social networking behavior, and Ron gave additional advice about working with integrity. Cameron gave a presentation on how to present in a professional and engaging way, which will be helpful for students when they prepare to present their projects. Finally, students began working together on projects using Vensim as a system model and AgentSheets as an agent model.

In the afternoon session, the students in the Shodor Scholars Program broke off into their groups to continue working on their projects. Each group had to come up with a Vensim model along with an AgentSheets simulation modeling the same topic. They were told to write a detailed story for each model so that when questions arose, a story could back up the events they wanted to take place. The group projects differed from realistic events like Predator vs. Prey to fantasy topics like Zombies. Once the stories were written then the groups received help for their project questions. Levi pointed out the changes needed to make the model work more efficiently and how to specify certain rules and methods. Iain Dixon, an Apprentice, came in to help a couple of groups with the dreaded "Floating Point Error" in their Vensim model. Later on, Levi showed the groups how to import new Agents into a new project that contained the same behaviors and depictions that could later be changed. The groups were also shown the new AgentCubes Simulation Program, a 3-D effect on all the Agentsheets simulation tool.