parallelUniverse 2013
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The workshop consisted of 8 students and began with a review of Day 4, covering weak scaling, strong scaling, and race conditions. Then, "GalaxSee" version 2 was presented; students learned how to access the file system of BCCD, edit files using the emacs editor, and provide input files for version 2 of "GalaxSee". Students did an exercise in changing the number of stars, mass of the galaxy, and output style.

Next, the "Parameter Space" module was presented, and students learned about "Monte Carlo" simulations. In the next exercise, students ran the parallel version of "Parameter Space" and then discussed how it is parallelized.

Lastly, the students ran the "Pandemic" module, which featured manipulating parameters to model an infection spreading through a population. Students were able to change the width and height of the environment, the number of people, the infection rate, the deadliness of the infection, and the radius of infection. A discussion followed, which covered how the module is parallelized.The day ended with an open discussion of all the topics covered this week, followed by reflections.