parallelUniverse 2013
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Today, Aaron and Mobeen taught the class about parallel computing and super computing. They covered how parallel computers work and what they are used for. Parallel computers are often used to model extensive problems, or solve especially complex problems. To demonstrate parallel communication, the workshop students did several activities: a puzzle solving activity, a card sorting activity, and a small research project about the top 500 parallel computers. The puzzle activity showed the difference between the speed of a computer with many cores versus the speed of a computer with just one core, by having them work on the puzzles either in groups or separately. The card sorting activity represented the exchange of information between different cores of a supercomputer. This was shown by having several groups that had cards that needed to be sort by color and having a person who had to transfer the cards between groups and act as a data train. The research project was designed to teach the workshop students about the current fastest supercomputers.