programmingMS 2012
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Today's programming concepts workshop was lead by Kyle Garner. After the class started reviewing the work they had completed from the day before, Kyle had them work on converting minutes in decimal form to the standard format of Minutes:Seconds. By working on their own projects each student was able to view their code through the eyes of a programmer, learn some of the important thought processes involved in writing code, as well as learn more about conditional statements. After completing this project, the students started working on a JavaScript project to encrypt a string of text.

Once everyone had a few minutes to stretch their legs, the students were introduced to the process of debugging code using the error consoles in Safari or Firefox. Kyle gave the students code containing a few bugs and asked them to find solutions to either fix or circumvent the bugs. Finally, the class returned to the idea of a calendar. Specifically they started working on a calendar that would print each day's number individually while using loops to determine when the numbers should be on a new line. Overall, everyone was successful in their endeavors and mastered the ideas of debugging and changing the format of decimal numbers in JavaScript.