ssp 2011
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The Shodor Scholars Program has finished, and the students were given the opportunity to present what they had learned over the past two weeks. They presented the websites they made as well as the models they made. They made the websites in HTML and used a bit of CSS in them. They used TextWrangler as their text editor for their code. The had to write all the code themselves and they did a great job; they needed very little help from the staff. The presentations were held in the apprentice lab so that the parents, staff, interns, and apprentices could come and see what the students had been working on. The presentations were all interesting and were very different from each other. Their content showed a lot of their interests and their interests varied a lot from each other. The students had to perform under pressure and use their presentation skills they had learned the day before because there were a large audience as opposed to two or three staff members and interns when they were practicing. The morning before they started presenting, they did all the final touch-ups to make their work the best it could be. They delivered their content well and answered any and all questions with detailed knowledge of what they had been learning.