ssp 2011
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Today the workshop was about how to create models in AgentSheets, NetLogo, and Vensim. The students split up into groups and each team individually chose which type of model they would do. A Zombie Apocalypse model and a Bee and Pollen model were examples of some of the creative ideas that the students chose to implement. They began planning out the logic behind their models using preset commands such as move and erase. They also created simple depictions for their agents, agents being the units that obey any command with which you program. Jeff showed the workshop students a model as an example of how AgentSheets functions, and what each command does. This model involved vampires trying to infect all the humans, while Blade went around killing vampires before the human race was destroyed. The instructor, Jeff, showed the students how to make agents track each other down by each vampire dropping a scent wherever he goes. Many students wanted to model similar concepts of tracking. After this they were given time to work on the models in their teams until they completed their models, receiving help from the instructors whenever needed.