ssp 2011
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The first thing the class learned was how to properly nest code. Nesting code is the way to properly layout the code on the screen to make it easier to understand and read. After that they went into their Finder and made a public_html folder, which allows them to write code and display it onto the Shodor server to make their webpage. Once they made the folder they went onto the web browser and downloaded a web template. After that they used Textwrangler (text editing program) to edit the text and colors of the web page using a CSS file. A CSS file is the part of the web development process that enables you to write code to change or edit the display of your page. The hardest part for the students was finding the right colors to use; most of them had multiple changes to the colors scheme of their websites. Once they changed the color schemes of their websites, the students went ahead and changed the layout of the web page using margin (imaginary space outside of the div, or divider, to keep div from touching other content) and padding (imaginary filling inside of the div used to keep the words from touching the walls of the div).

Once the students came back from break they exported the images they retrieved from Google and added them to their web page using the code background-image: (This is a CSS code) and then chose whether they wanted it to repeat the picture continuously in the background. After that they positioned their image in whichever manner they chose. After completing that they learned some CSS3, which is the latest version of CSS. It is a cascading style-sheet. When using CSS3 the students saw that not all of the code used in CSS3 can be displayed properly on some browsers.