programmingMS 2010
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Today Matt and Gavin introduced the students to Java, using the SIR (Susceptible, Infected, Recovered) Model. The SIR Model shows the result of one sick person being exposed to a large group of healthy people.

At the beginning of the class, Matt showed the students how to access their code through TextWrangler and how to change the colors of the sliders. Next, Gavin explained the layout of an SIR Model and began to show the students how to create new slider bars and how to give them names using TextCanvas labels. Gavin then had the students create the remaining slider bars and attach them to the panel that contained the slider bars. Once this was complete, everyone helped the students debug their code before taking a break.

After the break, Gavin gave further explanation about panel creation and assisted the students in adding buttons to the panels and applying the panels to the applet. After showing an example of the working program, Gavin closed out the day by helping all the students debug their programs in order to prepare for Wednesday's class.