Forensic Science 2008
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The first day of class required a lot of work to introduce the topic of forensics. Jason explained the definition of forensics to the students so they would be familiar with the topic at hand. As an icebreaker, the students played a game. Students each received a piece of paper and a writing utensil; they wrote their names on each with three statements, one being true, two being false. The other class members were given those sheets of paper and will determine the correct status of the three statements. The next topic covered in the class was the different methods of detecting a lie in somebody. After that, the students participated in another hands on activity involving their observation and memory skills.

After the break, each of the students went outside to take part in an activity that will help them understand the correct procedures of collecting evidence from a crime scene. Using the skills they learned, the students will analyze fingerprints in an example crime scene. Overall, the basic ideas of forensic science were given to the students, so that they would be prepared for the rest of the week.