Environmental Science 2005
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Today i found it very interesting because I learned alot of information of our atmosphere. I also learned about some chemical compositions that i did not know of before.


I thought today was pretty interesting, but I hope tommorrow will be better. The work was pretty fun.


today we look at a model it was interesting. It was fun to type in the numbers and look at the graphs.


today was a good day and i leared nothin new but to inprove this workshnop is for us to do more activites.


i didn\'t really learn much today, but it was good and i would reccomend it to a friend if anyone asked about it. as for Kent, the teacher, he has good methods and good lesson plans. don\'t promote him and give him a hefty pay raise and all will be fine in his classes. he\'s a good teacher, so don\'t let him go.


today we learned about differnt stuff.Specially abouut the inviorment and on mederrodige and model out put.


today we used a model to complete worksheet.


today we learned about the enviromental science, and different types of layers. Also we leaarned the abbreveation of different chemicials and solutions. It was intersting.


We learned that the envoirement was polluted and the ozone in different ways. It is polluted by gas in cars.