Engineers in Training A 2005
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I liked making things with the bricks, and seeing if it would fall over or not. I can\'t think of anything you could improve on.


Today we put structures together with Lego bricks and saw if they would fall down or not. We made hypotheses on whether or not they fall down or not and tested them. Then we learned about tension and compression. It was all really fun, but I wish we worked more on the computers.


the studies of legos and forces upon them were really cool, but i couldn,t think of anything to improve off the top of my head.


Today we used lego\'s to see if structures would topple or stand. We used a computer program to create a rule. It was really fun. We tried to disprove the rule. It was fun to look for ways that didn\'t work.


1) One thing that I liked was that we were able to create our own designs of legos.
2) One thing you can improve is to make sure everyone else knows everything.


today we played with legos that was fun to me we had to build a stucure.


I like the drigrams and how we learned the different things bewteen friction, tension, and comperssion.


Today was fun, we got to create structures on the computer, and see if they would topple or stand. I can\'t think of anything that was bad!


Today at Shodor we had a great time. We talked about the Law of Physics: for every action there is an equal reaction. I can\'t wait for next time!


I like that we got to use laptops. I also liked Dr. Love. This class was very interesting and so were the people. I had a lot of fun.


today was a fun day for our program. I look foward into this in the future.


Today was the best day everty