Internet Science Explorations 2004
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The following reports were written by members of Internet Science Explorations during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.


I learned a lot, even though it was really fun. I liked this workshop


I liked my first day at shodor, it was really fun in the games we played and i enjoyed the counslers a lot. I learned a lot today also on the enternet, i really didnt know alll those things about the internet and today i learned about them like when it was made how and how we get to site and the whole process of it. There really wasnt anythhing i didnt like about today it was very fun and I learned a lot.


The class was fun and I learnd a lot about the internet. For example the routers send the web adress back to you .


I liked the game we played outside. Everyday I learned something new. Today I learned more about computers and about the internet.Every day this week I will learn something new.The internet is very important to madern day life


Today we learned about the internet and how it started.I had fun today. I learned alot.I would tell my friends about it so they can come.I think everyone should be interested in Shodor.


Today has been so much fun! I met some really cool people. I loved playing the animal game this morning, everybody was sort of shy but the game really made us come out! A wonderful ice breaker. Trying to untanlge ourselves as the router explaining game was really, really fun! Everybody was laughing and we finally got untangled! I also learned a whole lot, its really nice to know what all this stuff is. I also liked the quiz we did at the end of learning all the stuff. Group 1 and 2 tied! I love this camp, I am so glad I got the scholarship.


Today we learned about how and why the internet was created and how websites should have color contrast. I liked the fact that the internet was made in the cold war and how the DPS works it was fun to learn how to evaluate and learn about how websites were created.


Today i enjoyed working with Ryann And Elisibeth bcause they are so helpful. Today I learned about the internet and how it is bulit up. I learned what packets are an how they are involed with the making of webpages. I also learned about how signals are sent to the DNS and how they give acssebility to the webpages.


What I did today was I did some science work . we did an activity outside it was fun we did something like a spider webb. We had to untangle our selves with out letting go of each other hands. It was so fun. I can not wait until tommorrow . Thank you for all of your help.


Everything was exeptable