Internet Science Explorations 2004
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The children were just doing an icebreaker activity to break the ice and introduce themselves to each other. Each person was given an animal and it was taped to their backs. Niether kid knew which animal they were given. They were also given partners that knew the animal on the other persons back. They were supposed to give clues and details about the animal so the partner could figure out the animal he or she was. They switched partners and repeated the process several times.

After the first activity the kids sat down while the two teachers taught and discussed things of the internet. They went over the origin of the internet, why it was used, IP addresses, and the Dynamic Name Server(DNS). After the discussion the kids went outside.

Outside they did an activity were they learned what a router is. They all got in a tight huddle interlocked their hands with two other people on the opposite side of them. They had to figure out how to get out of the circle without unlocking their hands. The first attempt was a failure , the second attempt worked pretty good and the third was once again a failure.

They then played a jeopardy game about the things they just learned. There were three different levels of questions. They split up into four groups. Group one and two tied with 1100 points. Group three had 500 points, while group four had 100. The kids seemed to show a good knowledge already of what they had just been taught.

They all then sat down for a lesson on web pages. They got on the computer and looked at some web pages. They learned about HTML, what it meant, and what it was for. They were taught about the good and bad web pages. They then went on the internet to search for web sites. They were searching for some good sites and some bad sites. They wrote them down and showed the site to the rest of the class.