Environmental Science 2004
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The following reports were written by members of Environmental Science during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.


Today wasn't boring but it took a long time just to find the weightr of the tree but it seemed so easy to find the weight. I guess not because you also have to look up the type of tree, moisture, etc. The only thing I din't like was all of the bugs that were outside while we were getting our tree measurements and while we ate snack. Overall, today went well.


Today socially was fun and educationally it wasn't boring. I was thinking alot today and I like this moring class better than last weeks. the teacher is nice and very patient, and the intern is pretty cool too! Weighing the trees was very interesting and it was something I'd never done before. can't wait until 2morrow!


Today was my first day at Shodors Summer Camp. We learned about how to calculate the weight and carbon of trees. Our tree weighed a lot. I learned a lot today.


Today was my very first day at the Shodor education foundation program. T oday I learned alot of new things today and I met alot of new people. Today we all learned how to weigh a tree through the usage of different formulas to find the diameter, height, weight, and amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree. Today was a great day and I hope to have3 another one tommorrow.


today was my first day in environmental science and we measured the weight of trees by taking lots of measurements. it was fun.


Today at the workshop I learned how to measure a tree.


Class today was delightful. I learned many new techniques , fo the real world. i can learn with simple things such as formulas, rulers, and other basic things that i could find. i enjoyed this class very much. Algthough there was much excitement, i wish that i could be challenged more through math. I take Geometry, and have learned trig functions and stuff. I can't wait till tommorrows class!


Today we got paired up and measured trees.My partner was Arielle.She is a good partner to work with.


Today in class we wieghted trees .I worked with Lateya she's fun to work with. Today class was okay.