Environmental Science 2004
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You don't see first day jitters in this class. Class is in session and everyone seems to be open and friendly and most importantly, ready to learn. We find out that this class will discuss pollution, global warming and other topics of that sort. As a class they talked about issues concerning our planet earth and before they knew it they found themselves on their very first mission, to weigh a tree!!

Is it possible? Believe it or not, it is. Outside, the students select a tree that isn't too tall, but can be seen when you stand back a fair distance. When that is done each group will measure how far back one must stand to view the entire tree. Once that data is collected, they measure the circumference, the apparent height of the tree and the distance from the ruler to their eye. At a website the students plug in what they know so that the program can calculate the tree's actual height. Afterwards the kids use a dicotomus key to identify what tree they used. Last but not least each group must find the moisture ratio. As soon as they have collected all the data needed, it's time to plug them into a spreadsheet to find the weight of their tree. Some students were surprised, others expected the results.

Before the end of the day the students found out how many pounds of carbon monoxide is produced for their car. Before they knew it was time to wrap up the day with a report.