Environmental Science 2003
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The following reports were written by members of Environmental Science during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Name- Matthew

Comments: I enjoyed the WSest Nile Game alot and I recomend using it in all enviorment classes. I also wouldn like to use Stella more

Name- trokon

Comments: i liked playing th misqutoez and bidz game. I also liked using stella

Name- Kameron

Comments: I liked this the graphing was very fun. i like the activity outside. i lkie it

Name- Jessica

Reflection: This workshop was really fun and cool. I learned a lot about west nile and i liked working with the stella program.

Name- david

Comments: I liked the running game especially. Using stella was complex and not really explained well, but there was good one on one time. The lunch program should allow kids to go inside if they want.

Name- Nada

Comments: this class is much more exciting than the other class. the people are more fun as well as the interns and teachers. working with stella really brought back good memories from last summer. can't wait till tomorrow.

Name- Azariah

Comments: Today started off boring but then we played a game and it got more exciting. When we got back inside we went to work on the Stella program and made a west nile virus midel and how it spreads.

Name- Priyanka

Comments: I really liked the activities that we did today. I learned about making the models. It was all brand new to me, but I think it is really interesting and can be very helpful in real situations such as the one we worked with today. I was a little confused at first, but I think I understand it better now.

Name- Heaven

Comments: Today was the 1st day of environmental science camp. They talked about west nile virus then we played a game where some people where "birds" & others "mosquitoes" then we put our findings in a program called Stella.