Environmental Science 2003
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At the beginning of class, after getting instructions on how to play Alan's West Nile virus game, the class perambulated outside to play said game. The purpose of the game was to simulate the progress of the virus seeded in a constant number of mosquitoes but with a varying chance of infection. After the hilarity-inducing game was finished, the class returned inside for a discussion on the data that was retrieved from the game. After this, the class went into a more in-depth discussion on what factors are involved with the West Nile virus in our feathered friends. Once this debriefing was over, the class was instructed to make their own STELLA model of this virus and its affect on birds.

After the long session in STELLA modeling, the class turned their attention to a more complex STELLA model of what they were just doing. This model included more specific factors that affect the spread of the West Nile virus, such as various environmental factors. Class was then over.