Engineers in Training 2003
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The following reports were written by members of Engineers in Training during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Name: Susu

Comments: Today was really fun i liked the building the blocks. Building structures and making the on the computer was also fun too. Also Garret is very nice.

Name: Omar

Comments: we saw what shapes topple or stand then we went on the intertnet to test them then we had a compettition to see how many blocks could go over the edge.that is what you did.

Name: Kala

Comments: I had a fun day learning about engineering. Today we talked about balance using legos. You use balance in building bridges. I am glad I came to camp.

Name: Kendrick

Comments: the first day ,i had a great time . after lunch i learned alot about was really cool.

Name: Stuart

Comments: i think that the first day is very basic. later it will probably be more complex.

Name: Claire

Comments: today is my first day at engineerin training. I thisk Garrett is a good teacher but I got confused when we were working on graphing our lego creation on the computer. I did not get what he was asking for. Other wise I thought this was a good.

Name: Caleb

Comments: I have learned about what project Seed means and how its as serious camp with fun activities. I am LEARNING fast because the work is easy to understand.

Name: Unknown

Comments: I think that the shodor enginering camp is fun and that it explains the rules of balance very well . The examples that Garret made were very simple but explaned everything very well