Engineers in Training 2002
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The following reports were written by members of Engineers in Training, Session A during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.


You need to have things more fun because I was about to fall asleep in the first hour.


Today I learned about the center of gravity and the center of weight/mass. I learned how to tell if a structure was going to fall or if it was going to stand up by seeing if the line on the program was outside the base or inside of the base. If the line was outside of the base the structure would fall down where as if the line was inside of the structure it would remain standing.


Today we worked with legos to demonstrate the property of the center of gravity. It was fun. I think it could improve if we did it in more than one dimension.


Today we learned a lot and it is very interesting and very helpful in training your brain. They could come around to help more often. Other than that today was a great day!


Today was fun. However, it was too easy and I would like something more challenging. I would also like to learn more about other engineering fields, especially aeronautical. You are great instructors. Bye


The class was fun, but I think we need more of a variety of things to do. It was ok though.


I had lots of fun seeing the computer calcuate the center of gravity and being able to make bridges on the computer.


I had a great time this afternoon. My partner was really nice. I really like the teacher. They are really kind. We worked on a lot of things today like modeling legos. I had a good time.


Today I learned about the center of area and the center of gravity of a lego shape. Using trial and error my group eventually found that if the vertical line part of the center of area moved outside the base the shape would topple. Also we began our unit on bridges. It was sort of fun but originally I was confused until it was explained further.


I think this is a great program. I just think if they were to talk a little slower so I could understand I would had done better and been more active in today's lesson. When I ask for help, I think you should tell me how to do it and not do it for me. They should do more hands on stuff because it was boring.


I really liked what we did today.


Today, I learned a lot of different stuff. We had sheets with different shapes on it, and we would make those shapes with legos to see if they would stand or topple. Also we went to a program where we could put the shapes down. There was a horizontal line, and a vertical line. Then the two lines would intersect to find the center of area. We also saw that if we designed a shape, before we made it with lego, we could tell if it would stand or topple. The way to find that out is to look at the vertical line, and if it doesn't go out of the bottom block, it will stand up. Overall, I had fun and learned a lot.