Engineers in Training 2002
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The experiment for today was called Evil Conival. Garrett wanted to have the students try to successfully lanch a hotwheels car off a ramp and over the stairs outside. There they had to be some calculations done first since they where only going be given one chance to launch the car. The students went inside to test the cars on ramps Garrett had constructed earlier. The students paired off and were all given cars and a ramps. There were boxes of sand placed at the end of each ramp for the cars to land in.

After collecting all of their Data, the students entered it in the Interactivate Graphit program. They calculated the height of the car vs the magnitude of velocity. After being charted out, it was time to see if their calculations were accurate. A ramp was set up outside over the steps of the Shodor building. This ramp was going to be used by all the groups for their final run. The point was to have your data so accurate that when their car went flying off the ramp it landed saftly on a sponge they carefully placed. Their calculations determined where they placed the sponge, wrong data meant a car hitting concrete. Some of the groups where right on target, while some others missed by a long shot. All the students enjoyed this activity weather or not their car landed on the sponge.