Engineers in Training 2002
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The day before, they poured wax into LEGO beams that the students made. Today the students pryed the wax out of the rectangle container. They used butterknifes and other sorts of tools to get the beam out. After much struggling, the beams finally come out. It was a rather messy task and there was wax on the floor and all over the table.

The students then went outside to test the strength of their wax beams. Garrett placed objects like bricks, weights and cinder blocks on the beam. The first group for the test was Nadra and Jasmine. Their beam held a total of 81 lbs and 2 oz. The next group up was Nick and Parv. Their total was 101 lbs and 2 oz. Later came David and Even. Their beam held 106 lbs and 2 oz. Tim and Otis's held 101 lbs and 2 oz. Nimbra and Ben's supported a total of 86 lbs and 2 oz. The last (but not least) group was Trokon and Noah. Their beam could hold the most weight which was 111 lbs and 2 oz. Garrett got a beam that he created and tested it. They wanted to test to see if his would hold more weight. Some students said that it would because its moment of inertia are higher. Garrett's beam did hold the most with a total of 148 llbs. That is the weight of some of the interns at Shodor!

The students then got pre-made boxes to test which ones could hold the most sand. Nick's box held the most sand - a total of 125 kilograms.