Engineers in Training 2002
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Today's Engineers in Training workshop started the afternoon off by learning about bridges and what type of work goes into making them. The students then went to a program called Bridge Designer on Interactivate. Using this program, they learned how to design their own bridges. The students also had to keep in mind things like tension and compression. The interns were there to clear up any of the questions that the students had to make the day enjoyable.

From there, they moved onto another experimenting activity. They had to build a structure out of straws that would support the weight of a cup with marbles in it. This would put to practice what Garrett and the Bridge Designer taught. The students started right away on the task. Some students made theirs very tall and thin, while others made theirs low and wide. Then time was up and it was time to drop the marbles in to see which groups structure could support the most weight. In the end, Noah and Nick won the test with a total of 150 marbles! The day ended with reports by students telling what they liked and disliked about the workshop.