Modeling Your World 1999
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Today class began outside with a discussion of what Frisbees can model. The groups all came up with several things they could model. Once the groups finished brainstorming JP suggested that it could model the movement of an airplane even though it looks nothing like one whereas a model airplane which looks just like a real one can't mimic its movement as well. This introduced the idea that models can model different aspects of what they are modeling.

The students then used several different ways to model population growth. The first of which was a card game, the rules were each player gets a hand of seven cards and draws one card each turn plus one extra for each pair of cards a player has. After twenty rounds the player with the most cards wins, this showed how reproduction affects population exponentially. Next the students played a modified version of sharks and minnows that showed predator prey relations of population. Finally, the students came back inside to model the population of the U.S. with STELLA.