Math Explorations A 1998
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The second day of the Math Exploration Club begins with a bang! The explorers began the day with an explanation of chemistry in the modern world by Shodor employee Robert Gotwals (a.k.a. Bob2). Bob2 explained how everything was made up of atoms. The explorers then named and explained the three atoms found in a water molecule, hydrogen, and oxygen.

After their explaination of chemisty, the explorers veered into the wonderful world of paradoxes. Maria explained that paradoxes are statements that contradict each other in some way. The explorers jumped right into this lesson, as all of the explorers were eager to participate in the discussions.

After the explorers finished their introduction to paradoxes they were given several worksheets that were based on the topic of paradoxes. "This is so much fun," said one of the excited explorers. The explorers exercised their skills on several activites. These activities, devised by the Shodor staff as a way of reinforcing these new concepts, included working with paradoxes, acknowledging the existence of paradoxes, and correct sentence structure with paradoxes. Several of the worksheets are available online by clicking here.

The second day of the math exploration club ended as a bigger success than the first. Maria, Anne, and Monte were more than excited to answer all of the questions asked of them. The explorers were proud of the achievements that they had accomplished and the information that they had learned. "What are we going to do tomorrow?" William, an explorer, asked as he left the room. William was just one of the explorers who greatly enjoyed the discussion of paradoxes.