Internet Science Explorations -- Session 2, Week 2 1997
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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the Internet Explorers Club during the fourth session of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

hi! how the internet works what makes a good page how to use e-mail what makes a bad page packet thing the thing that we're going to write about is packet communications. today we assigned people parts in a sort of play. we made a sentence and cut it up into packets. then we sent through different people (routes) and it got to the final destination where they reassembled the packets to make the sentence: "tell matt that his child swallowed a crayon and is bleeding ink. it was really fun, and i can't wait until tomorrow.

Today we learned how to use e-mail as you can see. we learned how to send it to different places around the world. We learn how to check our e-mail.We had a good time learning how e-mail works .

Today in this class, we learned about e-mail and how it works. E-mail is just a way to send messages. That is all. I thought it might be more but it really surprised me. And when you send the message don't make it to long or the reader will get bored. The whole reason of e-mail is to send a quick message, not a whole letter like you haven't seen the person in a couple of years.

Today we talked about how the internet works, good pages and bad pages, sending e-mail, live e-mail chain, and learned about interactive web sites. One of the best things that we did today was the live e-mail exchange. We each went to a different station and passed parts of the message down the line until the whole message was put together, by the message receiver. I really enjoyed myself today. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Bye!

REPORT How the internet works The internet was created during the late 60's by the U.S. military to prevent nuclear weapons from knocking out communications systems in America. Formed like a "web" it sends information from computer to computer through telephone lines making communiaction faster than conventional mail.

Ian & sharna

we are going to talk about what we laren in email i laren how to send mail to people.

sharonda & anya

We think a good page has: Good graphics,large printing, and bright letters or els your web site looks dull and boring. Then the person who opens it does not feel like reading it. A good web page does not have smal letters or a background that make the printing hard to read.

by, Jenny & Alicia