TIP 1997
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Wednesday the TIP group continued the work begun Tudesday by modifying their models. The TIP students were asked to work with modifying other variables in the model. Among these factors considred were the probability of a tree catching on fire if it is next to another tree already on fire. Other important factors the students were asked to discuss were wind speed that would affect to spread of the fire, being able to change the rules of a game without typing any codes, and much more!

The students' minds were soon better adapted to working with models as the day went on. Following lunch the students continued to work on the models. From the beginning of the day to the end, they continued their meticulous and tedious work on probabilities of spontanious combustion of trees, the blowing of the wind, strategic killing of the trees, leaping, and other topics related to the work of their models. "It's fun!" quoted Richard as he tested and re-tested his work on the model. All in all, today was a very successful day for the TIPsters, who left with a better understanding of the nature of modeling.