TIP 1997
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On Thursday, the TIP students did more work with computer modeling. Today, TIP students used a program called STELLA ® to create these models. Under the direction of Bob Gotwals, Bob2, these students used a variety of models to simulate occurrences in nature. These models, created by Shodor staff, included a lynx and hares population-interaction simulation, a marine life simulation, and a carbon cycle simulation.

STELLA® is a different way of modeling then most students have seen before. These STELLA® models are not actually on the computer as were most of the other applications the students ran. In addition, STELLA® runs all types of models, since it is actually a modeling application. As opposed to having one program specifically for one model, STELLA lets you build models for a variety of different applications. Because of STELLA®'s flexibility in modeling, it will be used often throughout the TIP session for modeling.