TIP 1997
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For the past few days, the TIPsters have been working on models extensively. Today they were able to experience the joy and hardships of making their own models. They started their major projects on a variety of topics like the effects of nitrogen in the blood when deep sea diving. Charlene, one TIP student, stated "It's interesting. It's exciting. We'll be investigating the factors in deep sea diving. We start on it today and (will be) presenting them next Friday," Chad, whom Charlene calls "the Master Mind" described the experience of the program so far. "It was hard (in the beginning) when we started to figure out JAVA, but it's starting to be more fun with everything clearing up." The students explained that when diving to 100 feet below sea level, you go through 3 atmosphere changes. If returning to the surface too fast, the nitrogen picked up from the dive bubbles in the joints of your body caused great pain and suffering. This is where,"you pay for it." Charlene (who is great with editing documents such as this) said that Chad (the expert diver) was the main part of the project and it was his "brain child." Her humble modesty and Chad's overwhelming knowledge seemed to be a wonderful and great addition to the program. "Frosting on the cake," as the saying goes. Just knowing that that only came from two of the students, makes you wonder how much knowledge is stored away in the entire group! Three cheers for the TIPsters!