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October 3rd, 2006

shodonix 1.04 - or, how I found out I was maintaining a distro

Yep, another series of software updates have been called for, and Shodonix 1.04 is already out. We’re working on a new initial boot splash image, but otherwise, the CD is ready for workshop use.

My supervisor pointed out last week that “I bet you didn’t think you’d be maintaining a Linux distro when you started”, and he was right. Far from the initial idea I had to just stick all the requested tools on a CD (in Mac and Windows formats), and then bring the CD but run stuff from it using existing machines, the project morphed into “let’s customize a Knoppix iso”, and then into “let’s make this really cool, with custom graphics, lots of extra tools, and… oh yeah: document it so that we can continue to maintain it in the future”.

Nope, I hadn’t planned on maintaining a Linux distro when I started here, nor even when I started back this summer. Strange how things go sometimes. Admittedly, the distro is just to be used in-house, but it’s still pretty cool, and I can now do it for anyone that needs/wants a customized CD.

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