In my last few days at Shodor, Ernie assigned me an extra project involving JavaScript.
This project was to make a two-player Tic-Tac-Toe game, which can be found here: Two Player .
After I finished that, he gave me another challenge-- to create a one-player Tic-Tac-Toe game against the computer. This can be found here: One Player


We worked with PHP for most of Block 2. We completed mini-projects, some being:
Create a MadLib : This creates a MadLib after you fill in the blanks.
Dice Roll : Similar to the JavaScript dice program, this uses random number generators to virtually roll two dice several times and creates a chart to show the sum of the output each time.
Dynamic Pages : This dynamically loads content by passing a $_GET variable.
Dane Joe (Letter Switcher) : A function that takes a user-inputted first and last name and switches the first letter of each name. "Jane Doe" becomes "Dane Joe".
2012 Calendar : A calendar designed with PHP for the year 2012 (Works best in Safari).
Background Selector : A drop-down menu that allows you to choose what color you want the background to be.
Random Hexcode : Generates a random hex code that serves as the background color of the page each time you refresh.
XML Blog : A blog generated with XML.

Website Design (Inkscape and Gimp)

This week (the second week of Block 1-- June 25, 2012), we worked with InkScape and Gimp. Because of this, our project was to design, on InkScape or Gimp, what our ideal website(s) would look like-- easy to implement, or not.
Here are two that I made:

You can click here for a closer look of the first, and
here for the second.

Logo Design (InkScape and Gimp)

We were also supposed to create logos for ourselves.
Here are two that I made:

Ernie Edits (InkScape and Gimp)

Ernie gave us a picture of him with which we were allowed to edit however we wanted, using InkScape or Gimp.
Here are my edits:

Deer and Lynx Model (AgentSheets)

Our first project this summer was to independently create this AgentSheets model simulating a deer-lynx (and grass) relationship. Mine can be found here .
We also had to create an HLD (High Level Design Document) to plan the project out. You can download mine here .


We worked a lot with JavaScript during the Spring session, so here are my programs:
Min. to Min and Sec. : Converts 3 numbers in decimal minute form to a minutes and seconds form.
Calendar : A calendar created by JavaScript (Works better in Safari).
Dice Roll : Generates a model dice roll (with 2 dice), outputting patterns of the rolls using dots.
Colors : Generates 6 random colors periodically; also turns text white if the color is darker.
Canvas : 3 randomly colored rectangles moving randomly on canvas; also turns rectangles red if they touch the border of the canvas.
Forest Fire : My partner project with Sarah.
Our High Level Design (HLD) Document can be downloaded here .

Cops and Robbers Model (AgentSheets and Excel)

My partner, Anwesha, and I worked on this Cops and Robbers project for 3 weeks. This project, both the AgentSheets and the Excel System model, can be found here .

Zombie Apocalypse Model (AgentSheets)

Bonnie and I made this Zombie Apocalypse model as a spin-off from the epidemic model. This can be found here .

Homework: Ethics Essay

Mr.Broadnax came in and talked to us about ethics for half a day, and afterwards assigned us some homework. He gave us a scenario and we were supposed to answer, in essay form, how we would address the situation.
To download my essay, click here .

Homework: Modeling Activity (System Model)

This homework assignment was about modeling an epidemic. We had previously modeled one using AgentSheets, and the assignment was to make a systems model (in Excel) and analyze and compare it to the AgentSheets results.
The homework assignment questions can be downloaded here .
The systems model itself can be downloaded here .